Tumuaki & Management Māori Medium (Yrs 1-13)

"E kore au e ngaro, te kākano i ruia mai i Rangiātea" 
(Vision statement: Tū Rangatira, Māori Medium Educational

Target Audience

Kura leaders in Māori-medium settings.


Intended Outcomes

As a result of this PLD, kura will be able to demonstrate evidence of:


  1. quality management systems and processes to meet with strategic and compliance requirements internal and external to the kura e.g. planning and reporting, charters, understanding of NAG requirements and curriculum policy, teacher appraisal systems, school reviews, etc
  2. leaders who provide opportunities for Māori learners to succeed in and through te reo Māori.


Ways of working

Professional development support is most beneficial when it is coordinated in a way that is manageable for the kura. To this end, our preferred way of working begins with the development of a collaborative PD plan which aligns all of the support a kura may be receiving, links to the school’s strategic goals and/or student achievement targets, and  specifies goals (common  and individual).


Once a plan has been agreed, we facilitate professional development in a number of ways depending on the availability of leaders and their specific professional learning needs. Typically our support will include face-to-face professional discussions  with leaders (either kura-based or offsite as preferred), workshops (kura-based and outside of the school setting), Hangouts/Skype sessions, Google docs.


The number of meetings will be determined in discussion with kura and could range from:

  • a light touch (1-2 meetings  per term);
  • a medium touch (3-4 meetings per term);
  • or in-depth (5-6 meetings per term).

It is expected that both facilitators and leaders will do some work in between meetings to ensure development is ongoing and outcomes are achieved.



Schools we are currently supporting

  • Victory Primary School
  • Nelson Intermediate
  • Newtown School
  • Te Kura Kaupapa o Ngā Mokopuna

Typical focus areas of support

Leaders supported through this provision are often seeking support to:

  • define the roles and responsibilities of senior staff
  • understand employment requirements
  • embed robust self-review practises
  • design and implement a robust teacher appraisal system
  • meet their compliance planning and reporting requirements
  • analyse student achievement data
  • develop strategic plans
  • improve their reporting to the Board
  • develop suitable curriculum and structure for late immersion students
  • improve their leadership skills
  • strengthen their relationships with the Board, staff, or whānau.



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