Tīrewa Ako

What Are Tīrewa Ako?

Anga Tupuranga (now referred to as Tīrewa Ako) are, first and foremost, teaching and learning guides intended for kaiako and ākonga to use to plan and track progress over time in each of reo ā-waha, tuhituhi, pānui and pāngarau. Haemata is responsible for creating a progression of reo ā-waha (oral language) for Māori-medium students.

Tīrewa Ako: Reo ā-waha, Tuhituhi, Pānui and Pāngarau are each made up of a set of “pou” representing the key components within that area of learning. Each pou describes a set of indicators (tohu) that kaiako and ākonga can use to identify progress along the learning pathway.

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Working Together

In 2018, Haemata was contracted by the Ministry of Education to work as part of a team alongside Auckland University, Aronui Ltd, Kia Ata Mai Education Trust, and Victoria University to develop Anga Tupuranga for the Māori-medium education sector.

Haemata has also set up a development team to work with on this project. Our team is made up of Hinetai Kereopa (Te Kura o Ngāti Hauā), Te Aoterangi Moore (Te Kura o Matapihi), Beth Dixon, Rauhina Cooper, Āwhina Gray, Hineihaea Murphy.



How Do They Work?

Tīrewa Ako will signal essential learning along a student’s learning pathway. These indicators will identify the critical skills, aspects of knowledge and/or attributes which a student needs to master and which cannot be left to chance if the student is to have the best opportunity of being successful in their learning. Tīrewa Ako also provide for a wider view of success by describing progress within the framework of Te Tamaiti Hei Raukura. This view of learning supports the development of the whole child not only as an ākonga (with learner capabilities), but also as tangata (human attributes), ipu kōrero (communicators), and uri whakaheke (Māori).

It will be possible to use the Tīrewa Ako to describe how the student is progressing overall and to identify the next key learning steps along the way.

The Tīrewa will be presented through an online tool which will describe the essential learning steps (tohu) within a Pou. The tohu signal a progression of learning over time. For each tohu, the tool will provide additional support material to help a kaiako understand the teaching and learning that needs to occur in order for that indicator to be demonstrated.  

As part of the development of Tīrewa Ako, NZCER will “test” the draft Tīrewa with kaiako to ensure that the tohu signal the most important learning, are sequenced in an accurate way, and that kaiako and ākonga understand the pathways indicated. 

If you have any questions about Tīrewa Ako, please contact the Haemata Tari.