Ngā Pihi 2

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Companion CD to Ngā Pihi 1, joint award-winner in the NZ Music Awards 1995. More great songs in Māori.

These CDs and books are in constant demand. The title Ngā Pihi (young shoots) was chosen to reflect both young children and beginners in Te Reo, for whom the resource was envisioned.
Ngā Pihi is carefully structured to focus on simplicity, repetition, variety, delight and spiritual values.

The Ngā Pihi 2 songbook is available separately.

Duration : 42.18

CD Track Titles

1. Kia Ora e Hoa
2. Kōrero!
3. Te Āniwaniwa
4. Aku Kuia                 
5. Te Aroha                   
6. Karawhiuia Ngā Poi  
7. Pakipaki
8. Ngā Manu Rima
9. Āio Ki Te Aorangi

10. Kia Ora e Hoa (instrumental)
11. Kōrero! (instrumental)
12. Te Āniwaniwa (instrumental)
13. Aku Kuia (instrumental)                 
14. Te Aroha (instrumental)       
15. Karawhiuia Ngā Poi  (instrumental)
16. Pakipaki (instrumental)
17. Ngā Manu Rima (instrumental)
18. Āio Ki Te Aorangi (instrumental)




Product Code: UC11005

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