Pedagogical Support

Target Audience

  • Māori language teachers in English-medium and Māori-medium classrooms. 
  • Kaiako wanting to support literacy a focus across the curriculum. 


Typical focus areas of support 

  • Strengthening learners’oral language (kōrero) ability.
  • Second language teaching strategies.
  • Language learning strategies.
  • Bilingual and immersion pedagogies.
  • Culturally responsive pedagogy.
  • Carrying out teacher inquiries. 
  • Understanding and contextualising Tātaiako.
  • Ensuring language learning is appropriate, engaging, and cognitively demanding.   


Ways of working

Professional learning is most beneficial when it is relevant to you.  

We work with kaiako and kura to identify what, how, and when support is best provided.  There is no pre-designed programme that you have to fit into—the way we work together will be agreed in discussion with you based on what you want to achieve.  

Support is available both through distance (e.g., online) and face to face meetings, observations, and discussions. 



  • Hineihaea Murphy
  • Dee Reid
  • Āwhina Gray
  • Beth Dixon
  • Lynette Bradnam 


"Great experience, scaffolded by knowledgeable facilitators, the sharing of similar experiences, and through the participation in practical exercises to deepen understanding".