Kahu Pūtoi

What are Kahu Pūtoi?

In conjunction with the Ministry of Education, Haemata will create five Kahu Pūtoi for Te Reo Māori, Te Reo Pākehā/Ngā Reo , Leadership, Kaiako Tauhou and NCEA.


Kahu Pūtoi are communities of peer-to-peer teaching networks that are designed to encourage teachers to provide responsive, sustainable and innovative professional learning and development to each other. 

How do they work?

Kahu Pūtoi will provide peer-to-peer professional learning and development support through online forums, resource sharing, inquiry clusters and face-to-face collaboration.


When will they be available?

It is expected that Kahu Pūtoi will be completed in 2020.


If you have any questions about this kaupapa please contact tari@haemata.co.nz